Enkindling LoveTeresa of Avila and John of the Cross are two of Christianity’s greatest mystical theologians and spiritual teachers.  Their writingsgive us a unique glimpse of who can become.  They speak to the human yearning for authenticity and meaning, offering us empowering tools as we take our search for purpose, community and self-actualization seriously. Their insights are askeenly relevant to our day as they were to their time of turbulence and great change.

Enkindling Love traces the journey toward a living partnership with God, as articulated by two of Christianity’s great mystical teachers.  Excerpts from the seven dwelling places of Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle are held together with selections from John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the SoulSpiritual Canticle, and The Living Flame of Love, in order to show stages of spiritual growth and transformation.  Moving through the process via textual passages and commentary, readers are drawn to consider how the love of God actively invites us into deeper relationship not only with God but also with self and other.

Because Teresa and John experienced God’s love as a transforming power, they teach that love is a participatory reality that shapes and remakes us, even as it invites us to collaborate with God in the remaking of our world.